About Epic-G

EPIC Garage (EPIC-G) we are a non-profit organization “Where Electric Propulsion & Internal Combustion Come to Life”.  Our missions at EPIC-G is to educate and teach young adults the principals of how an internal combustion engines powers todays cars, and electric propulsion that will power the cars of tomorrow.  We are also teaching the basic skills of restoration of classic American cars.

Here at EPIC Garage we teach young adults how to work with their hands, and not just their thumps on Android or IPhones.  We explain how they can attend automotive technology courses at a community college or trade school learning a life skill in approximately two years that will enable them to work in the automotive industry earning a good solid wage, as opposed to attending a four year institution, where the student ends up with a questionable degree and $150,000 dollars of debt they will be paying off for the next 15 years, if not longer.

Even if our students don’t go into an automotive career, at least they will have a greater mechanical understanding of how an engine functions in a car and can take pride in the fact that they can now work with their hands.  Another aspect of restoring these cars is, these young adults are preserving a piece of Americana, each car represents a particular time and point in American history, they are a reflection of culture, style, and trends that are a window into a specific generations world.

We have started our first project which is a mid-level restoration of a 1969 Camaro, we have already acquired our second car for restoration which is a 1982 Collector’s Edition Corvette.  Like most all small businesses we have started out in one of our member’s garage.   Please consider supporting the young adults of EPIC-G by making a donation.  No one gets paid at EPIC-G, so 100 percent of your donation will go to supporting the young adults and the restoration of each project.  We are a non-profit organization so any donation you make will be tax deductible. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 85-2086440.  Your donation will give the students a sound foundation to help start them on a possible career path that will teach them a skill that will help and aid them all throughout life’s journey as well as giving them an insight into the American experience. We are genuinely grateful for you taking the time to consider supporting these young adults.

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